Networld Platform as a Service (PaaS)

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Networld is an incubator project for new software ideas and provides for this purpose the needed infrastructure. In order to support the agile and fast development, and especially prototyping and showcasing, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) infrastructure will be designed and developed. The most important part is that it adds no unnecessary overhead to the current infrastructure and that new applications can be deployed in a matter of seconds or minutes.

Sigimera Docker

Sigimera is now a company we can use this Platform as a Service for showcasing and prototyping of new services. Additional it improves the development speed and increases security in production. The approach to let Networld run as independent project and maintain the PaaS under this label should clearly separate the business and production from the incubator part. Although Networld should be maintained by the company Sigimera Ltd in order to guarantee high quality services and to consolidate the know-how from the two projects.

Previously we have used the heavy-weighted virtualization Xen and are switching now to something lighter-weighted such as docker

Docker Containers

The plan is to use the domain as main domain for all applications. For example a web app with the name foobar will be deployed to This namespace allows to have one main application, e.g. for management purposes under and completely separated web apps in dedicated docker containers running under sub-domains.

The step towards a Platform as a Service for internal purpose to provide Software as a Service to our users is the next logical step towards a smoother product development.

The PaaS infrastructure is developed as side project and should be ready in a few months. Starting from the use of docker containers for different application layers, the deployment will be automated and simplified stepwise. For an overview and more information see

Networld publishes different, base docker images under with related source code under