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Sigimera Architecture 1.0 is dead – Long live Sigimera Architecture 2.0

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Sigmera is a Crisis Information Platform that combines community information with information from official sources. see Sigimera

After a few months of technology exploitation and a first proof-of-concept implementation our team has decided to shift the release of the first stable version in favor of more time for a complete re-design and re-implementation with a new architecture in version 2.0.

The reason is that the inferencing and reasoning part plays no role in the current version. That allows us to switch the technology from academic to well established enterprise software. More concrete that means that we change the underlying data storage from a triplestore (OWLIM) to NoSQL (Apache Cassandra). Another big change are the loosely coupled SOAP Services that handle the business logic. Completely hidden from the user and third-party developers, this decision allows us to easily extend our current platform and not less important to distribute it over different hosts. For example the storage part could run on one cluster, the crisis crawler on one and the crisis management part with the REST API on another.

Important for the new architecture is that all frontends are based on the REST API. The REST API should use a combination of different services on different hosts to gain optimal performance. The combination of enterprise architecture for the business logic, semantic for the data representation, NoSQL for the physical data storage and Web 2.0 technology for the frontends should make Sigimera to a very easy to use and flexible platform. At least from a technology point of view.

Another important part is that we try to combine the best part from the Semantic Web Community (e.g. ontologies for interchangeable data) with well-established technology (e.g. NoSQL database to achieve horizontal scalability).

Maybe the most important part is that we shift from an academic exercise to an usable platform for everybody.

The next few months will show if we have taken the right path or if we have to find a new one.  Feel free to read more about the current changes and how the old architecture has looked liked in our Wiki. If you have questions or feedback please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Sigimera Architecture 2.0 – by Alex Oberhauser, 2011-01-19T22:51:00
Sigmera Crisis Information Platform Architecture 2.0 Review

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