Past, Present and Future of the Networld Team

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What is Networld?

Networld is a meta project of Alex Oberhauser. The name comes from my old project and was suitable, not only because I’ve had the domain. A few subprojects are hosted under the domain That was also the reason why I have decided to host here this central blog. Another reason was that I needed a platform where I could publish my ideas about our projects and other not directly related stuff, such as artificial intelligence, semantic web, IT security and so one.

The following section describes shortly my main projects.


The description from the DOAP file:

MokSec main target was to improve the security on mobile devices beginning with the Open Source Smartphone GTA02, also known as Freerunner, from the OpenMoko Company. The main project at the moment is “backtracker”. Backtracker is a software for mobile devices that helps you to gain your mobile device back if you have lost it or if somebody has stolen it.

The description tells you also about the main project. For more information please consult the DOAP file.

Semantic Web and Research Work

With my gain of experience and as result of my studies the past goals has changed. Starting from software engineering on mobile devices with a strong security background I work now more in the direction of research on semantic web. The purpose is to use the learned skills on the topic of machine readable data to start research on the topic of artificial intelligence.

The change of my work and the in deep study is also the major reason why I don’t have finished the backtracker project. On the other hand this project has given me the possibility to gain a lot of skills that are needed for the current work. Now that I have a pretty good idea what technology I had and how I could use it I will also continue my work on backtracker.

Artificial Intelligence

The next step after the Semantic Web research and work in this area will be research towards artificial intelligence. I will use this blog also to share my ideas and discussion about the topic of artificial intelligence.

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